Our IT Services


For managed IT services in Sydney, contact us today. Sokola’s consultants are ideally positioned to assess your business needs and to integrate strategic change without upsetting the systems you already have in place. We provide tactical system analysis, strategy consulting, architecture, disaster recovery planning and testing, alignment to best practice, process engineering and trustworthy general advice. Have peace of mind in knowing that Sokola is your reliable team for IT services


Disaster Recovery

Protecting applications against disasters has never been more important. Hosted and cloud-based disaster recovery models minimise downtime and increase productivity. Navigating the myriad of options and their associated costs and benefits can be daunting. Through Sokola’s proven track record, industry certifications we can provide assistance in mapping out your requirements, designing, implementing and testing the most intelligent solution for your organisation.


Project Management

Our Project Managers are industry certified and backed by real world experience from small- to enterprise-scale, highly complex projects. Tactical, innovative, and committed to every stage of a project’s lifecycle, Sokola’s high calibre provides a professional service aligned to your business goals. Integration and flexibility with existing systems are key to project development along with growth potential to future-check project aims. We provide expertise for IT infrastructure and apply best practice and industry-standard developments. Sokola's projects are trackable, accountable and transparent, to give you operational control without the hard work

As complexity of infrastructure services and the demand for storage increases, so does the need to protect your data. With Sokola’s expertise in a range of backup technologies such as cloud storage, disk based backups and replication, Sokola's team can assist with tailoring the ideal solution to meet your requirements.


Firewall, Antivirus & Malware Protection


It is critical to every organisation that their systems be protected from downtime and data theft. Through its range of security skills and knowledge with the world’s leading security companies Sokola can provide solutions to secure your IT and network.

Website Design

Our team has the passion to deliver quality website design with great customer service. we know from experience that many people have little knoweldge of where to start with a website, but that is ok as we will manage the whole process and put all your information and photos into a completely finished and fully responsive website


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